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Dwarves, a Dwarf, and the Dwarves

13 Dead End Drive

Upon arrival to the grand gates of Veldagrim, Hraxos raps on the wooden doors and mumbles something about being a safe traveler and asks his fellows about why they’ve arrived. Thankfully, Kaia knows Trayvok the doorman and he lets us in. We get a hotel for the night and head to the City Hall to seek out one of the great heroes.

The great hero Kulet Regunib gives us a tour of the city, upon which we come across Normal Eddie on his way to see Kron, the captain of the guard. Kulet, the founder of Veldagrim, tells us about a smoke-machine that will blot out the sun in this area in an effort to, I don’t know, make it darker for dwarves who, I guess, don’t like the sunlight, or something.

Upon returning to Kulet’s office, we press him about the colossus and the super-powerful necklaces he and all the great heroes have. He refused to tell us anything about the necklaces just before Sashay screams from the other room. Kron lay dead, an ornate knife in his back. Kulet charges us with an investigation, as the guard’s morale would be devastated upon news of their leader’s death.

We question Sashay on her involvement and leads. She seems a real dame, and real upset. She’s innocent.

We visit Normal Eddie, the last person to walk into Kron’s office. After a few dick punches, we found out he’s a vampire. But he didn’t kill Kron, as he was feeding off of him parasitically instead.

We visit the salesman of the murder weapon, but his only information was that a cloaked dwarf purchased the blade, and that it was a mediocre blade at best – not a combat-ready weapon by any means.

We troll the alleys in the poorer districts, trying to attract the attention of Grimmson’s gang. Guutzman’s riveting performance of an anarchist gets some attention of poorer dwarves, and they mistake our questions as inspiration as they rally around us against the oppressive government and ransack a hot dog stand.

At this point, Kaia informs us of a local tavern where Grimmson and his gang hang out. Why didn’t we just go there earlier? No idea! Guutzman buys some patrons some drinks:

Good evening, DWARVES. Mind if I buy you guys a round?

They think he’s pretty neat and ask him to join Grimmson’s gang, the Silver Sons. We all immediately jump on the concept of joining the Silver Suns, and promptly follow the one dwarf that offered to the dark alley that marks Grimmson’s crime den. The rooms reek of injustice. The shadows play home to Grimmson and his nefarious schemes. No doubt the evil mob boss would have us do unspeakable things in order to gain entry to his cult.

Turns out Grimmson is a nonviolent political activist. Despite our most covert suggestions —

“Are you ready to get out there and spread the truth of the law through the education of the people??”

“Yeah! I’ll totally stab any captain of the guard just to bring down the government!”

— he refuses to allow us to resort to such brute methods. Guutzman then quite untactfully blows the whole ruse by telling Grimmson that Kron is dead and Eddie is a vampire. We come clean and inform him of the investigation.

We return to Kulet and tell him all that we’ve done and all that we haven’t found. He thanks us for our unsuccessful work and tell us of a situation in a mine shaft that they’ve had to close off. Dejected by our inability to find the killer, we slunk off to the mine in hopes of ultimately gaining Kulet’s favor and aid against the colossus.


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