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  • Dwarves, a Dwarf, and the Dwarves

    Upon arrival to the grand gates of [[Veldagrim | Veldagrim]], [[:hraxos | Hraxos]] raps on the wooden doors and mumbles something about being a safe traveler and asks his fellows about why they've arrived. Thankfully, Kaia knows Trayvok the doorman and he …

  • Veldagrim

    !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/273530/Dwarf-entrance.jpg?1387064557(Dwarf-entrance.jpg)! * Found in the [[Hriedmar Mountains | Hriedmar Mountains]] * Home to Kaia, [[:kulet-regunib | Kulet Regunib]], and [[:normal-eddie …

  • Normal Eddie

    Totally normal guy. We met him on our tour of [[Veldagrim | Veldagrim]] with [[:kulet-regunib | Kulet Regunib]]. But upon Kron's assassination, he became THE NUMBER ONE SUSPECT!! Maybe he's working for [[:grimmson | Grimmson]]! We gotta track him …

  • Grimmson

    A real pro-sunner. A criminal. Dangerous. Gang Leader. A real sun-of-a-bitch.

  • Kron

    Found dead, stabbed in the back, during a meeting with [[:kulet-regunib]]. Our [[Dwarves, a Dwarf, and the Dwarves | investigation]] of his death goes nowhere, and we are forced to aid Kulet in other matters.

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