Dragonborn Archeologist Searching for Lost Lore and Personal Glory


Dragonborn Warlock, Fey Pact
Att +10

STR 16 (+3)
CON 13 (+1)
DEX 8 (-1)
INT 16 (+3)
WIS 10 (+0)
CHA 18 (+4)

Hraxos was born in the port city of Ravenlock, west of Riverii and south of Caprone. His skin is made of proud golden scales that glint in the light, and his eyes burn like white moons. Physically small for a dragonborn, he has a quick wit and a love of stories.
Hraxos’ family maintains a strong tradition of draconic heritage and glory, and he was raised with such honor his whole life. He was raised with the classic dragonborn tales of Arkhosia, the lost dragonborn empire. Stories of their civilization’s ancient and lost grandeur inspired young Hraxos, fueling his imagination. In contrast, both of his parents were a bit more pragmatic. His mother, Sora, has been a successful ship captain for years, importing and exporting along popular trade routes. Hraxos’ father, Arjhan, heads a construction business that is as old as the city itself – Arjhan claims that his ancestors helped built the original city square. Both parents take great pride in the life they have created for themselves. Hraxos is no different, although he has chosen a different path for himself.
After years in boarding school, Hraxos attempted to pursue a life like his mother’s: a life at sea. Unfortunately, the rigors of sailing were a bad fit for him. He couldn’t tie a hitch to save his life, nor could he “read the seas” with the nuance Sora had. The occasional nausea didn’t help his situation, either. Despite Sora’s “you can do it” attitude, Hraxos left the shipyards after two years to pursue what he always loved in school: knowledge.
Today, Hraxos refers to himself as a worldly scholar. After years of university study and the teaching of academics, Hraxos felt his craving for knowledge coming back. He left the cloistered life of academia to search for that which had not yet been found. Working as a hired hand, he joined several archeological expeditions searching for relics and treasure. Making connections with archeologists, museums, and nobles who valued history and artifacts gave Hraxos the tools he needed to succeed. Over the past 12 years, he has organized and lead excavation teams into the remains of crypts and the depths of the underdark in search of the unknown. Somewhere, somehow, Hraxos knows he will find more evidence of the Arkhosian legacy. If he just keeps looking, he may find the clues that lead him to where the ancient empire once was. If he just keeps looking, he may find a part of himself that he’s always been seeking.
Several years ago, Hraxos and his company were investigating an underground spring a weeks’ travel underground. The second night of the journey, Hraxos couldn’t sleep. He went to shower in a small waterfall to calm his nerves, only to find a passage hidden by water and shadow. The corridor led him to an incredible grotto, full of rich green moss and a thick mist formed by the splashing water. Sleeping in the center of the cool stones was a woman, teal and shimmering in the faint glow of the room. As Hraxos approached, she awoke, looking up at the golden reptile. As she made eye contact, her form changed – too subtly to notice it happen until it is already done. The woman, now a dragonborn, spoke to Hraxos. She explained how she was lost and sought an understanding of the strange world she found herself in. As Hraxos stepped forward to calm her, she snatched his hand. His blood burned as she radiated brighter and brighter, filling his vision with blinding light. She exchanged energies with him in what must have been an instant, but felt it like hours.
“Ah, yes…I understand now. I thank you for your compassion,” said the being to Hraxos. “I was lost and now I know the way.”
She hesitated, then moved in quickly to embrace him. “I will always be with you, as you will me,” she whispered in his ear. As they separated, Hraxos saw tears on her face. She turned, walking into a rush of water. The water seemed to just wash her away, right before his eyes.
Holy shit, that was weird.
From then on, Hraxos has been able to call to the Fey spirit to give him power and guidance. With his new powers, he can summon bolts of fire from his fingertips and cloak himself in shimmering teal water to evade and confuse foes. His ability to avoid attacks makes up for his lean physicality. Hraxos has a bad feeling about how this will affect his life, but it is better to progress than worry.
Recently, Hraxos has suffered from misfortune. He had been courting Bari, the intelligent daughter of a merchant lord. Bari broke it off three months ago, stating that Hraxos “put his research ahead of his love.”Hraxos’ negligence was not limited to his love life. He is part-owner of a theatre in Ravenlock, an investment which is not paying him back as well as it should be. The facility is losing attraction because it is not aging well. Additionally, Hraxos and his co-owner Draggarth are having difficulty finding new and exciting acts for the stage. Should the theatre succeed, Hraxos will have an income to support his archeological endeavors.

Hraxos, like his family, is proud, polite, and noble. He tries to get along with everyone, but he is realistic enough to know that isn’t always possible. Should conflict arise, Hraxos relies on his allies to defend himself, as he knows he is not physically durable enough to withstand an onslaught. He will try to eliminate the most pressing threats from behind his allies with powerful ranged attacks and curses.
As a scholar at heart, Hraxos is often oblivious. His propensity to be distracted by old or shiny things has gotten him into trouble. He relies on his gut feeling to make decisions, and will be wary only he gets a bad feeling about a situation.
The adrenaline rush from combat is welcomed by Hraxos. Each hit he takes fuels his ferocity. For dragonborn, the stakes are high in combat – victory and prowess mean honor and glory. His traditional dragonborn upbringing has trained him to hold nothing back on the battlefield.
If Hraxos had a Vice, it would be pride. He often feels that he is the most worthy of acknowledgement, special treatment, or victory, that he is the shining example of how to live one’s life. If he had a Virtue, it would be Diligence. Those who put it the effort will succeed, and those with good intentions will win the favor of the gods. He believes that all should aspire to gain knowledge and be well-informed. Conversely, the ignorant and foolish fill the world with evil and sorrow. Hraxos worships Ioun, the deity of knowledge, and follows Ioun’s wise teachings to find purpose in his existence.