Greyfarrow is a world of grand magic and powerful warriors, with a history that spans eons in the past. It is a world of great beauty and grandeur, idyllic countries matched with vast cities.

And all this was threatened by the great evil welling up to the east. The dark lord Xenix marshaled all the forces of darkness to strike an assault on all that is good and civilized. His forced seemed unstoppable, his personal power appeared insurmountably great. It seemed as if he would shroud the world in his evil magics.

But you don’t have to worry about that! All that was taken care of twenty years ago!

Eight warriors rode out to face Xenix in his fortress, the terrible center of the corruption spreading through the land. After a battle that is said to have shaken the core of Greyfarrow itself, seven warriors returned to civilization, and the plague of darkness had ended.

The land of Greyfarrow has achieved peace and prosperity. The warriors were all hailed as the greatest heroes in thousands of years. They were given wealth, titles, land, hot ladies, hot dudes, hot in-betweeners. Golden statues. Anything their hearts desired. They had saved the world, after all.

It is twenty years after that battle. The people remember the valor of the heroes, but they have grown out of their hero worship. When they are brought up in conversation, the topic is usually “are they dead or not yet”. They are twenty years ago’s news.

Onioka Skincrawler, the friendly necromancer, is one of the eight heroes who saved the world. She has renovated the dark fortress that was once Xenix’s home into an adventurer-friendly simulation of the heroes’ victory over the Dark Emperor. You can explore the tunnels, fight off traps, defeat monsters, even go toe-to-toe with Xenix himself! All while under the expert tutelage of one of the great warriors themselves. It is everything the aspiring adventurer with a taste for the classics could hope for.

You have traveled far to take part in this tour, and here you are, ready to go. Strap yourselves in, keep your hands in the car, and don’t worry, everything is under control.

Nothing can possibly go wrong.

Onioka Skincrawler's Magic Evil Fortress Tours

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